Citizens and Legal Counsel

Records requests are primarily handled by the Veronica Sheehan, the custodian of record but may be referred to other administrative staff as appropriate.  We ask that citizens and attorneys call our office at (573) 406-8576 to discuss records requests.  Understanding the situation and scope of your request is helpful in making sure all records relevant to your request are provided. Because we create and maintain a variety of records for each incident, there may be information you are looking for, but unknowingly fail to specify by submitting a generic request letter.  Further, because some records are closed to the public under 610.150 RSMo, understanding your situation, and if applicable, the status of any civil or criminal proceedings, will help us in making sure that all applicable records are provided as allowed under the law.  Please note that “blanket” requests for all records within a given time period may be overly burdensome and therefore take extra time to process.  We handle numerous functions for several agencies in two counties.  We understand that attorneys may not want to provide a lot of details regarding civil suits or criminal defense strategies.  However, although we are a tax-based local government agency, we do not work for or report to any law enforcement agency.  Our mission is to answer emergency calls, provide life-saving pre-arrival instructions, and dispatch public safety responders while remaining objective to all parties involved.

Public Safety Agencies

Agencies we serve may request a copy of records (CAD Documents and Audio Recordings) by submitting the Public Safety Records Request form below or may Download a blank form. Please note: This form may only be used by the law enforcement, fire, EMS, or other government agencies we serve. This form is not for requests from citizens or private attorneys.

State law provides three business days to reply to all requests.  Replies most often include the records requested, but in some cases may be a letter outlining the time and cost to provide the records or other response from our legal counsel.  Our preference is to provide the records electronically and to comply with the Missouri Sunshine Law by being as transparent as possible.  Because the records our agency maintains often contain sensitive personal information about citizens, certain requests may take extra time to be reviewed or have portions redacted to comply with various privacy laws.

Please note that the form below is not for requests from citizens or private attorneys. Please contact the custodian of records to discuss record requests.

Custodian of Records

Veronica Sheehan

(573) 406-8576

PO Box 454

New London, MO 63459

Incident Information

You must specify the date of the incident.

You must specify the incident's type.

You must specify the incident's location.

You must supply a reason for your request.

Information Requested

You must specify at least one type of information.

  • You must supply the requested channels/frequencies.

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Requester Information

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Request Response:
You must supply a valid email address to which we can respond to your request. In most cases you will either receive the record(s) as an attachment, or you will receive a link to download the record(s). If additional information is needed or if the request is denied, this will be the email address to which that response is sent.