Is Your Address Displayed on your Property Clearly?


Will the Paramedics, Firemen, and/or Law Enforcement be able to find your location when you need them?

One of our jobs at the Ralls County 911 Communication’s Center is to get you the necessary help that you need as quickly as possible. Directing our responders to a house that is not marked, especially in the dark, not only makes our jobs more difficult, but can add precious moments to the response time which could be the difference in saving yours or a loved one’s life. With this in mind, are you confident that your address is displayed clearly and visibly from the road?

Currently we are working with the Ralls County Commissioners, RC Road & Bridge Department and the emergency agencies that respond to your calls. Together we are developing address signage standards to ensure that address signage is consistent throughout the county. This will benefit you and your family if a crisis we ever to arise by allowing the emergency agency to respond as quickly as possible… It really is true that seconds count when you are waiting for help to arrive.


We suggest the following:

  • Ralls County Residents living in towns with street lights should place large numbers on the house beside the front door that can be seen from the road.
  • Finding homes in rural areas present challenges. Putting large numbers on both side of the mailbox is appropriate for homes where the mailbox is directly in front of the residence, where as individual road signs are needed where mailboxes are not located close to the residence, or there is no mailbox. We do offer signage for purchase in lieu of putting your address on your mailbox.
  • To encourage each Ralls County rural residence to have adequate signage the Ralls County Commissioners, Ralls County Road & Bridge, and the Ralls County 911 Communications Center are providing you the opportunity to purchase signage.
  • In the event you are unable to install it yourself we will install the sign at no cost.
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Pricing is as Follows:

  • Sign – $15.00
  • Pole – $10.00

Remember, when you desperately need assistance to locate you quickly;
Visible signage can make a difference.

If you would like to mail a form with a check click the following link to download and print the form and Mail it to the address in the box. If you want to call and speak with a live person regarding any questions you may have or to make an order over the phone, call us during business hours, Monday through Friday at (573) 985-3009 Ext. 1.

Download the Purchase Form

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